Our Group

logo6th Meadowvale is a Scout Group and a member of Scout Canada. It operates in Mississauga, Ontario Area under the Central Escarpment Council. scoutcanlogoOur group provided scouting programs since season 1997/1998.

From the beginning just a few members to nowadays more than 100 members, our group is one of the largest and famous group in the Mississauga North Area.

Besides picnic, camping, outdoor activities, … , spiritual is also an important part of our program. Our goal is to train our youths to be responsible, and be a good citizen in our society. Community service is also another important subject in our program; it is a teaching method that enriches learning by engaging youths in meaningful service to their communities. Youth apply their academic and scouting skills to solving real-world issues. Quite often the youth are leading the process, with the leaders as partners, applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to concerns such as pollution, hunger, and elderly care.

We have confidence that our youths and upcoming leaders will be carrying on our “flame”, to carry on the spirit of Scouting, to bring 6th Meadowvale into a new generation …

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